Mineral Fibre Tiles

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles are high quality Interior Decorative material for suspended Ceilings. Best for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, indoor decoration.

It is used for laying on the structure of suspended ceiling.

Pin Hole Mineral Fibre Tiles

Gypexim Pinhole Mineral Fibre Board

Fine Fissured Mineral Fibre Tiles

Gypexim Fine Fissured Mineral Fibre Board

Sand Mineral Fibre Tiles

Gypexim Sand Mineral Fibre Board

Types of Edges

Square Edge

Gypexim Square Edge Mineral Fibre Board

Tegular Edge

Gypexim Tegular Edge Mineral Fibre Board

Microlook Edge

Gypexim Microlook Edge Mineral Fibre Board


  Ease of Installation   Lightweight
  Termite Proof   Sound Proof
  Corrosion Resistance   Economical
  Fire Resistance   Thermal insulation